Learning Approaches

Al-Muyassar Method

al-Muyassar is a method of learning tahfidz al-Quran by emphasizing the concept of talaqqi developed by Thursina Quran Center as an effort to facilitate and accelerate santri in memorizing and muraja'ah al-Quran especially for the santri who still have difficulty in memorizing. This method consists of 3 main stages of murajaatul qarib, hifdzul jadid, and at-tahdhir.
This method focuses on:

  1. The involvement of teachers and student participation is actively effective.
  2. The existence of cooperation and group dynamics.
  3. Integration of listening (audio) and reading (visual) of student.

Intensive Class

To develop student interest in academic ability, special curriculum development is developed. Students are welcome to choose one of several specialized programs, this program is implemented in class VIII (eight) in semester one and two. In this specialization program, students are expected to be good at one of the academic ability they are interested in. Adapaun program on specialization is Tahfidz al-Qur'an, Arabic, Olympic Math, Science Olympiad, Writing and Programmers and Design.

Project Based Learning

As an effort to provide holistic education, it is necessary to develop an educational process that can facilitate students to be able to think interdisciplinary in solving a problem. Project Base Learning is a learning process that uses a project that is integrated with various lessons. In the PBL learning process students will be given a problem and
through a project the student is able to solve the problem. Project Base Learning is held four times over a three-year period with the following details:
a)   3 (three) times Group Project is implemented in VII class II semester, Class VIII in first and second semester
b)   1 (one) time Comunity Project implemented in class VIII at the end of second semester
c)   1 (one) time individual Project implemented in class IX as the final exam of graduation

Manhaji Method

Arabic became the main key in studying and studying the Koran and the Islamic sciences. But dekimikan, for some people learn Arabic language is still difficult. Therefore, the existence of an effective and efsient method becomes the key to overcome the problematic and the method of manhaji comes as its solution.

Manhaji is a method of learning Arabic, especially nahwu and shorof material that prakts, aplikatf, inovatf, easy, and fun. The two materials are formulated and combined into one making it easier for beginners who do not know Arabic desire to master the language of the Qur'an and the books (turats).

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