Profile Outcomes

Islamic Personality (Morally Excellent)

  • Having a straight and strong Faith (Aqidah)
  • Able to perform mandatory worship and sunnah properly and correctly according to the guidance of Rasulullah SAW
  • Have a good morals¬†(Akhlaqul Karimah)

Global-minded (Internationally Minded)

  • Pass the national standard curriculum competency test
  • Pass the competence test of international standard
  • Pass the competency test of Islamic curriculum
  • Pass the competency of Overseas Program

Having a Leader Spirit (an Inspiring Leader)

  • Able to read the Qur'an properly and correctly
  • Able to memorize the Qur'an at least as much as 5 Juz
  • Able to translate Al-Quran letters of choice
  • Able to memorize and translate at least 40 Hadiths
  • Able to compete for achievement
  • Able to communicate actively in Arabic and English both spoken and written
  • Able to carry out personal duties and responsibilities independently
  • Be able to adapt and solve problems
  • Able to produce some value thing
  • Able to communicate opinions and thoughts effectively

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