Why Chooses SMP Thursina IIBS?

Some reasons for consideration of prospective guardian santri choose Thursina International Islamic Boarding School as a place to form superior individuals:

  • Teachers, murabbi, murabbiyah and highly dedicated and caring staff
  • Teachers come from both domestic and foreign graduates
  • Integrated Islamic (diniyah) and academic development programs
  • The Qur'an memorization program is at least five juz
  • Cambridge's international curriculum program (Checkpoint Examination)
  • Strong English-Arabic speaking environment
  • Enrichment and overseas visits programs are varied and challenging
  • Students come from various regions in Indonesia with diverse and unique cultures
  • Small classes (about 20 people / classes) for more personalized and effective learning
  • Class and dormitory facilities are clean, modern and specially designed for learning
  • Campus is in the mountainous region with a beautiful environment and conducive
  • Fast and friendly service system (responsive and hospitable)

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