Enthusiastic ! Student of Tazkia IIBS Successfully Continued to Study in Turkey

Five alumni of the first graduate of senior school of Tazkia International  Islamic Boarding School (IIBS) would go to Turkish higher education, Kirklareli University and Bandirma University, this year. They are Laocean Putri Emaida, Yafi Nabil Pradipta, Ahmad Roihan Firdiansyah, Muhammad Hafidz Rahman and Nabilla Yudha Assyari.

The departure certainly becomes a great news for Tazkia IIBS because the candidates have waited long to get the assurance of their study over pandemic. Finally, they will head to the blue continent inasmuch as their acceptance has been assured.


Ustadz Moh. Suhaili as the Manager of Overseas Study Enrolment conveyed that generally there are two schemes to study in Turkey, through YÖS test, entrance test for international student and admission selection based on national examination score and certificate. Unfortunately, YÖS test was cancelled this year for the pandemic, therefore admission selection is the only way to enrol.

The negated national examination also becomes an obstacle for students because some universities only accept admission with national examination score. Students and Tazkia, thus, have to search for some campuses which can accept certificate and school grades.

"The admission selection process was time-consuming, therefore it takes toughness to stay with the decision to study in Turkey or not," says Ustadz Suhaili.

Ustadz Suhaili revealed study in Turkey would be slightly different from other European universities. The students will do language training for one or two semesters, depending on placement test result. It is aimed to reach level C1 or fifth level, which is the highest level of Turkish language.

In Tazkia, he added, students have took language course since grade 12 so that they could accomplish level B1 or third level at least. Besides language preparation, the students will be trained 1-2 months before the YÖS test. Yet, the test must be canceled for global plague.


He explained that students, in fact, are able to follow the selection for admission for the next one to couple months in Turkey. Moreover, if the pandemic has subsided, they could follow YÖS test next year when they plan to transfer to another university.

In this regard, Ustadz Suhaili conveyed that Tazkia has collaborated with tutoring agency and Indonesian Student Association (PPI)  of Turkey to help students preparing for YÖS test in the following year. They could learn with the agency or privately study with the member of PPI in Turkey.

"I suppose the students focus on their targets both for the destined major and the university," he advised.

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