Thursina IIBS Students Turn Arrowroot Starch into Cereal Drink with Million Benefit

Thursina International Islamic Boarding School Entrepreneur Specialist Program (IIBS) persistently  encourages and develops creativity and innovation of the students to be change makers. One of them is  the launch of Arvili Cereal - creative innovation business made from arrowroot starch - initiated by student of class 12 (Galih Prasetyo, Imam Azmi and Dzaky Zhafran) (03/08).

The idea is based on the urge to have healthy diet, especially, for students. Galih said, most students choose to eat random food to be full instead of taking adequate nutrition into consideration in their meals.


Together with other two friends, he formulated nutritious cereal drink made from arrowroot starch-easy to consume anytime and anywhere.

“We choose arrowroot starch for its several benefits : gentle on the stomach, relieving indigestion, and developing strong immunity," explained Galih. Dozens of experiments have been carried out to develop the right formula. Also, the team ask for suggestion from fellow students to find the pleasant taste and texture. In the first production, they launched two flavors, Choco Oreo and Black Forest, as many as 200 packages. Each contains 600 gram, priced at IDR 75.000, and can be purchased via its official instagram account (@arvili.official).


"Alhamdulillah, fellow students and teachers wholeheartedly support us by purchasing our products", added Azmi. It has obtained a household production business permit  (NIB number 0502230025927) and been certified by Halal Product Guarantee Organizing Agency (ID number 36110003378700523).

Product improvements and flavor variants will be developed gradually. Next, planning to have new product of arrowroot starch has been researched as well. "For now, we still focus on marketing strategies, to get the product available outside Thursina IIBS and to be more widely known, therefore it can be produced in larger scale," Dzaky added.

Meanwhile, the head of the entrepreneurship department, Ustadz Muhammad Miftah, S. Bns appreciates the hard work of this creative innovation and be hopeful for its wider market. "Hopefully, the product would be well developed so that more people could benefit from this innovation" he concluded

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